3 Great tips about how much health does the winter have?

How much health does the winter have? While for many the winter may be a time of snuggling inside, besides a toasty fire, perhaps eating too much or drinking too much the winter does also provide some unique health opportunities.

Go outside!

Although yes it might be a bit cold and miserable your body will have to use extra calories to keep your body warm, increasing weight loss. In some cases your metabolism may even improve. Furthermore exposure to the cold improves circulation, in particular cold water swimming can have huge benefits as we’ve previously discussed.

It might often be dark in winter and so those precious few hours of winter sunshine are worth it! Vitamin D is vital to good overall health and fitness, additionally lack of exposure to sunshine is heavily correlated to depression so try an extra walk every other day to maintain your festive joy. Turns out “how much health does the winter have” is not just a physical question but also one of the mind.

Finally exposure to the winter cold can help to reduce soreness and inflammation according to scientists. Cold weather can have a similar effect to a cold compress. Reducing soreness and inflammation is a vital part of looking after your fitness such that you can maintain your regular fitness. Furthermore another consistency bonus is that exposure to the cold can boost your immune system, making you less likely to have your routine damaged in summer as a result of illness.

To conclude; how much health does the winter have? A lot.

how much health does the winter have?
How much health does the winter have?